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    I am both honored and humbled to be chosen by my fellow JCSU 100 Club members to serve as the leader of our organization for the next two years. The 100 Club, founded in 1966 to assist Johnson C Smith University with community projects, eventually evolved into an organization for raising funds to help support student-athletes at the University.  The 100 Club helps all athletic teams supported by the University through our annual financial contribution and other activities throughout the year, such as winter and spring team cookouts. These efforts assist with the University with recruiting and maintaining great student-athletes.

    We are part of a fast-changing, technology-driven world and it is important to the success of our organization that we understand and become comfortable with the technology and social media communication tools of today.  As president of the 100 Club, I will attempt to build a bridge with younger alumni to enable them to learn the purpose of the Club, as well as how they too can become members of the JCSU 100 Club. My goals for the next two years include but are not limited to the following:

    1) improve communication with the club membership to inform them of club activities and meetings,

    2) use innovative strategies to increase and maintain membership in the club, and

    3) maintain the scholarship and financial commitments to the University.

    These are challenging goals and can only be accomplished with the participation and commitment of all current and future 100 Club members. Our love for the University is reflected in our willingness to give of our time and resources to help the student-athletes succeed in their athletic endeavors.  I ask and encourage each of you, whether alumni or friends, to join our effort to continue supporting Johnson C Smith University athletics.

    Have a blessed day.

    Yours truly,

    Meredith Baker



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    I severally promise to uphold the Bylaws and to operate within the rules and regulations to continue the advancement of this organization.  I will faithfully fulfill the duties of the Vice-President, accept the responsibility to support the President and agree to cooperate with the other office on the board and members.

    Supporting Johnson C Smith University athletics can be accomplished with participation, and time commitment of all 100 Club present and future members.

    Be blessed and have a blessed day.

    Best Regards,

    Charlie Stroman III

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